The Collection

Title: Barry’s

Artist: Robyn Ward

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 1.2m x 1.34m


Robyn Ward (b.1982 Dublin) tells a bold narrative that is both timely and provocative through painting and sculpture. Born in Ireland and growing up in Northern Ireland, Ward takes his personal experience of destruction, chaos, and governance commenting on the breakdown of society, relating it to both historical and modern-day global conflict. This allows him to examine how the world has been shaped by the past; from climate change and environmental destruction to socio-economic inequality. Reoccurring images are obscured and unveiled in Ward’s multi-faceted canvases. Using wet, loose brush strokes with distinctive markings he tells this story through a nostalgic veil of innocence and naivety, revealing snapshots of the past while simultaneously obscuring or hiding others. “Each layer depicts a different fragment of time” Ward comments “often they are screen- shots of parts of my life”.

Ward has worked under many pseudonyms and different collectives throughout the years, until recently breaking the cover of anonymity in 2017. This quickly grabbed the attention of international media and he has been working under his birth name since.

Ward has exhibited at the Museo Tamayo and the Museo Nacional De Arte in Mexico City, with paintings included in a number of key auctions and exhibitions in the likes of NY, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong amongst others.